What We Do

We Develop Skills for Life

We help young people develop important skills for life that are often not learned within school, skills as diverse as leadership, teamwork, self confidence to navigation, firelighting and cooking.  There  is a large diversity to our programmes and no two meetings are the same.

We Have Fun

Everything we do has an element of fun.  Activities are structured in such a way that Scouts learn by doing.  Meetings and events are often characterised by laughter and excitement.  Most of our Scouts look forward to attending as many camps & activities as they can and often leave us with memories of a lifetime.

We Instill Values

All Scouts follow the Scout Law and Promise, simplified for Beavers and Cubs and intended to apply basic moral values to everything that we do.  This helps develop character, however it also has other benefits such as widening friendship circles. The result of this has been demonstrated with many parents complimenting us on the young peoples’ attitudes and achievements.